Monday, December 9, 2013

Oh, That's Right I Used to Have a Blog...

I recently got this strange resurgence of blogger love and asked myself, “why did I quit the Plum Bucket?” Well…the answer is LIFE. It happens, while submerged in the hustle and bustle of graduating design school, finding my career path and getting my personal life back on track, I lost sight of something that truly inspired me….blogging. 

Looking at these past posts, made me smile and laugh at times. Truthfully, I am in a different place in my life than I was two years ago when I posted my last Plum Bucket post. Here is a little update on my life as I currently know it… After ending a terrible “internship” with the company I was as you might remember “excited about,” I got an amazing opportunity. This opportunity came frankly out of the blue, and smacked me right in the face…It was a temporary position with a large and I mean LARGE sportswear company (I wont name names, but as you know I reside in the Portland, Oregon area, that should be hint enough) ;) After a short stint as a temp I landed a full time position with the company. This is truly a dream job for many and I can earnestly say I thoroughly enjoy it. 

 As for my personal life, my boyfriend and I bought a house, adopted a rescue dog, and I started my own jewelry business…which you will definitely learn more about in time (although if you are curious my Etsy link in the sidebar). So here I am, totally content and yet feeling like there is a creative voide in my life, the truth is, I am missing this beautiful community of bloggers! While fashion has been and STILL is my love, I have many other passions I hope to share with you lovely people.

Shameless "selfies" in the car...oh the 

Jake and I at one of our favorite breakfast spots in Portland, Screen Door

If you follow me on Instagram, you know this beauty all too well, this is my 1 year old pitbull rescue named Luna, we call her "Lou" for short :) 

I hope you jump back on into the Plum Bucket with me where I will continue to post trends, recipes, home décor inspirations, beauty hauls, Outfit-of-the-Days and a whole lotta life updates! 

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