Sunday, April 17, 2011

"STOLEN" The Show...

Thursday night a friend of mine and myself ventured into the blustery rain pouring from the Portland sky to see Rachel Mara's Spring/Summer 2011 line titled "STOLEN." We arrived to a packed house of Portland's fashion elite. The crowd was a mixture of young fashionistas and fashionistos donning hipster/chic attire. A local band was playing electronica while the crowd swayed and chatted in anticipation. 

The show itself showcased Mara's vision interpreted into classic springtime silhouettes with modern watercolor pastel florals. My favorite piece is the peach dress with the chocolate and lime print...this color combo was beautiful...

The merchandising in this store is ridiculously good, lit, built-in shelves and limited stock create the perfect chic boutique atmosphere.
Swag table

My Friend's Vince Camuto booties...making me wish I would have bought them...

After the show we walked the store and took in some of the fab peices MoulĂ© offers. 

perforated leather lace up wedges by Rose Gold that I eyed all night.


  1. Love these photos =)

  2. I want those rose gold wedges!!!!


  3. AMAZZZING store and awesom show!!! Love all the stripes and the bags and shoes are off the charts..they all look so buttery and beautiful!
    xoAdvice From A Caterpillar Store

  4. love it, so perfect

  5. Looks like a great collection! Portland has some amazing indie designers!

    ♥ Gina Michele

  6. YOu are welcome dear! Thnx for your lovely comment! HOw about folloeing eachother?


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