Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Likin Lykke Li...

Now I have to admit that I am not big on the ups and downs of the music scene and I am usually the last person to know about an emerging artist or new album...While Lykke Li has been on the scene for awhile I recently discovered her existence thanks to the Spring Summer 20th Anniversary edition of AnOther Magazine. A brief interview by artist Matthew Stone introduced me to my new secret musical crush; a musician who has been playing on constant repeat in my brain thanks to Pandora. 

With my growing infatuation, I traveled to good old Google to do some research. This Swedish 24 year old beauty is a mixture of dark depression and a ray of summer sunshine wrapped up in an adorable package. Her charismatic voice and moody lyrics are almost mystifying. Although her break out song "possibilities" was included as part of the Twilight soundtrack, Li says she doesn't identify with the movies and books but is obsessed over the that fact they have become a cultural phenomenon. Speaking to Pitchfork media about her twilight experience she goes on to say...

"I like that age when you feel misunderstood and still believe in the pure idea that love conquers all. I feel like those young girls could really relate to my music. So I wanted to sneak my dark love stories into prime time. Why the fuck not? I didn't compromise at all with my song."
If you haven't heard Lykke Li, I highly suggest you look this chick up! Her latest album is titled, "Wounded Rhymes."

Not only is she a talented vocal artist but she has made a few short films as well that can't be described as anything but art form in themselves. 


  1. Wow!Amazing pics! I'm going to discover this artist thanks to you ;)
    Lovely blog!If you want, visit mine! Hope you'll love it.
    Have a nice day!

  2. Lykke Li is one of my absolute favourites! Great post. If you like her, check out Oh Land too- amazing!

  3. nice girls :)

  4. I never realized how gorgeous she is -totally matches the voice


  5. i need to check her out!!!! i lovvve hearing about new artists that I can discover! youre adorable!!!

  6. She's got a beautiful voice and is pretty to boot.. not fair!!

  7. Never heard of her before, but she is so beautiful in an edgy stunning way! Gotta youtube her a little, cause she definitely has style!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries