Saturday, April 2, 2011

Spring Scents....

Spring has in Portland, Oregon. Yesterday we had our first nearly 70 degree day. Sun roof open, sunnies on and images of flowy skirts and shoulder baring tanks ran through my mind. Along with revamping the ol' closet to better suit warmer months, buying a new spring fragrance is also on the agenda.

I'm the type with an ever-changing scent style. I love to try new things but I always tend to lean more toward the floral/citrus side rather than the deep musky versions. My rule of thumb is to stick to perfumes light in color, the deeper the color of the actual perfume the more musky and "old" they seem to least thats what I have found in my personal experience.  

Before I set out on my sinus headache inducing perfume shopping experience I thought I would consult with you all first....

What is your favorite spring scent? 

Hermes unisex scent and new scents from Marc Jacobs and Michael Kors


  1. daisy is definitely my favorite.. it's so gooood!

  2. I went to Macy's recently and I was just sniffing some perfumes and....DAISY EAU SO FRESH....IS AMAZING! I loved it!! It's perfect for spring or summer!

    great post :)

  3. daisy... one of my favourite!!!


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  5. LOVE the daisy perfume.. used to have it till i ran out:)