Monday, April 11, 2011

Dancing Queen...

Inspiration from the 70's is clearly relevant in this spring's and summer's fashions. The pant suit was very popular all over the runway with it's crisp wide legged trousers being the main focus. While many think hippy flower child when looking back at that era's trends, one definitely cant forget the rock and roll/disco extravagance that was studio 54. Bianca Jagger is a 70's fashion icon whose trend setting ways are amazingly relevant and still in fashion even today. And her headwear? c'mon it's amazing and so on trend for the moment. I love seeing trends come back around and be reinvented and reinvigorated. 
Timeless beauty with serious style...

Andy Warhol

These round frames are so chic
via: thehautehunt


  1. LOVE Bianca - she is so rock'n'roll chic - thank you for posting these amazing photos of her!

  2. Beautiful post!! I have never seen that Andy Warhol piece before... it may be a new favorite!! Love your blog too.

  3. Great blog honey! Check mine too, it´s very recent, tell what you think? xoxo

  4. gorgeous inspiration!