Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Hot Girls Wear Glasses"

With an impending eye appointment in my near future, I have been noticing eyeglasses more and more. Do I need them? most likely not, but do I want them? well...sorta! For sometime now I have been uber jealous of those who get to don those neat little (pain in the ass i'm sure) objects that sit so perfectly upon the bridge of the nose. 
I digress...

Of course it is news to no one that glasses have been taking center stage on both catwalks and street style blogs for some time now. The "Geek Chic" trend has been well over played in some opinions and frankly a little silly to others. Here in Portland the hipster crowd has been sporting the frames relentlessly (sometimes even without the lenses...really people?). Thanks to the ironically hilarious IFC series 'Portlandia' "hot girls" everywhere have been snatching up some non-prescription frames.

I would prefer mine WITH lenses, a touch of geek, a side of chic and a heaping helping of timeless perfection, hipster irony not necessary.

Loving the spring palette
Bambi for Ksubi's 2011 eyewear line

via: fashionising.com
the always impeccable Miroslava Duma
via: Designspiration
via: designspiration
Freja Baha for Tom Ford eye wear

Even Barbie has snagged herself a pair

After browsing numerous styles I came across Tortoise & Blonde, a recently founded eye wear company out of New York. their styles are undeniably timeless and sophisticated yet right on trend with bold shapes and colors. 

Check out the site which will start selling their styles online beginning, April 4th 2011!


  1. I know I know, these pics also make me crave a pair of cool glasses but, the thing is that I really need glasses, in fact I wear contacts, but glasses are so uncomfy to me that I can barely walk without getting my world jumping at every step... i wouldnt mine to get some of these though

  2. Ashley, What a coincidence you will be graduating as well! Good luck and congratulations!

    And love the post.. Have you seen Warby Parker? Their glasses are to die for.

  3. @Martina, what girls do for style right? lol oh the pain...and can i just say you are gorgeous, love your photos!

    @B! THANK YOU! I'm beyond excited...ps. Warby Parker=killer;)