Thursday, March 31, 2011

Organized Chaos...

Now that I am finally finished with school, I am ready to have a real-world, big-girl office space! This probably would have saved me headache and tears during my schooling...balancing my laptop on my lap while laying in bed probably wasn't the most efficient or ergonomically correct way to study. 

Anyhow... I have been scouring the web for images that will inspire me to create my own quiet, creative corner. I have little room to work with in terms of desk space, so space saving options are ideal at the moment. Here are a few of my ideas...

The Mix of the clear, clean lined chairs with the distressed wooden desk space is beautiful. 


via: convoy
Black and white creates a clean slate, perfect for creative thinking
via: convoy
The buttery look of these chairs make it feasible to sit comfortably and get to "work."
After checking out West Elm, I put together some key pieces that create the mood I am aiming for. I am loving the designer collaborations they are featuring right now! The below pillow cover and wall art are part of the Lourdes Sanchez collab. 

All Pieces can be found at


  1. Love these interiors!!Very much my style!
    Love your blog!Pass by mine:)I0m now following you!