Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Graduate...

Wow, I have a blog? Are you sure? Being it has been almost a year since my last entry I almost forgot about the Plumbucket. Funny looking back at old entries how trends have not changed much since the last Spring season...brights are still in, and well nudes are forever I guess...

Anyway, this is quite an exciting time in my life...graduation from college is upon me! Very surreal. All of the hard work, sleepless nights and unfinished projects that have been keeping my mind cluttered these past four years will finally come to an end. A new chapter of my life will begin and I plan to enter it as chic as possible, it's time to enter the world of impossibly chic workwear. Gone are the days of rolling sleepily into school wearing Uggs and a zippy...yes, I will admit this was my uniform on more than one occasion.

Here's to entering the workforce! 

Currently loving Equipment blouses. They go from meetings to cocktails seamlessly...

Long sleeve

or sleeveless 

these styles can be found on my favorite swoon-worthy site:

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